Celebrate Love with a Colorful Valentine's Day Centerpiece using Crayola Play Sand!

Celebrate love with a colorful Valentine's Day centerpiece using Crayola Play Sand! 

This easy DIY is fun and safe for parents and kids. It will also be the beautiful focal point of a delightful dinner for two!  Continue reading below for instructions...



Here are the items you will need:

  • 1 heart-shaped class vase or bowl from your local craft store  (you can select your desired size)
  • 1 tealight candle (scented candles are a plus!)
  • 1 bag of pink (or purple) Crayola Play Sand. (Click here to find it at a store near you!)
  • Optional: Your choice of silk or natural flowers or petals to add a nice touch


Pink Crayola Play Sand

Pink Crayola Play Sand

Purple Crayola Play Sand

Purple Crayola Play Sand


1. Place you selected heart-shaped vase on a flat surface. The floor works even better if you're work with kids!


2. Carefully pour an appropriate amount of Crayola Play Sand into the vase about a 1/2 inch to 1/4 inch from the rim.


3. Use your thumb to create a shallow hole in the center of the sand-filled vase and place the tealight in its place.


4. After you have placed your finished centerpiece in your desired location, sprinkle a few rose petals around it for a pop of color.

Safety first! Parents, please handle all candle lighting and keep fire away from the kids :)



If you selected a taller vase, add some excitment by layering multiple colors of Crayola Play Sand.

With a wider vase, you can add multiple tealights to one centerpeice! The possibilities are endless!

If you're looking for even more variety, try using more colors of Crayola Play Sand.

We hope you enjoy making this delightful centerpiece with your loved ones this Valentine's Season!

Visit CrayolaColorSand.com for more amazing projects and DIYs!



Add a Pop of Color to Your Aquarium

Brighten your aquarium with our sand, and know our safe, nontoxic sand will never fade or bleed.

Crayola Play Sand is bleedproof and our all natural quartz sand resists abrasion better than typical sands. Each grain of sand has been screened and is completely round – giving it a smooth soft feel. Our sand is non-toxic, lead free and the colorant is bonded to the sand at 250°F which destroys any possible fungal material or biomaterial. As a matter of fact we don't even use chemicals in our cleaning process - it goes through an extremely hot water wash. 

And like all Crayola products, our Play Sand underwent extreme product testing, however, we don't do any animal testing. If you would like to find out more about the safe uses of our sand, we encourage you to visit official aquarium forums and blogs.          

Sand Writing

Teaching kids letter formation and shapes is very important so why not make it fun with a splash of color?  

Writing letters in the sandbox is a different method to practice letter and number composition. There is not much of preparation needed; just simply add any color of Crayola Play Sand into a tray or a sandbox and you are ready for this writing-in-the-sand activity.   

Materials needed: 

  • Tray
  • Crayola Play Sand in any color
  • Set of cards with letters, numbers & shapes

Prehistoric Safari Sandbox, a place where imagination meets adventure.

How about creating an interactive sandbox game as part of a sand arts and craft activity?

All you have to do is follow these four easy steps: 

  • use a large plastic or wooden tray
  • add Crayola Play Sand 
  • ask your child to place dinosaur toys into the sand
  • don’t forget the safari hats for your kiddos.      

Jump into Summer Colorfully & Safely!

Finally, the summer is here and we all know it’s time to open the doors and let the kids run riot outdoors. Bright, colorful, safe Crayola Play Sand lets children take their creative experiences outdoors. But how safe is Crayola Play Sand? Crayola brand has been a well-trusted brand for many years and all our play sand products are independently tested at Duke University &  BioScience Laboratories. Unlike beach sand, the smooth grains are thoroughly washed and dried to remove all contaminants and dirt. And be assured that absolutely no chemicals were used in washing our sand, only water!!!  To further ensure you that our Play Sand is safe, each grain is dried by heating them to 250°F which destroys any possible fungal or bio-material.

Let your summer be colorful and most importantly safe!